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Mercurial Georgia (G.S.Y.H.)

Toronto (Ont): Local Farms (& a.w. link, Grandin)

Toronto Farmer's Market"

gekked from greentoronto

Well, I know, since it's in Toronto and we do have humane laws, buying local here will gurantee that it's not cruel...but I don't know where to find a list with details as to exactly how the animals in the various farms are treated.

In fact, I don't quite know how to search for stuff within this category. I know labels like "organic" exist...regarding the genetics of the product or their diet, but standards of the treatment of the animals? Could someone please refer me to a terminology FAQ? Thank you.

A site I really liked so far:
Dr. Temple Grandin's Web Page, addressing the topics of "Livestock Behaviour, Design of Facilities and Humane Slaughter".
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