Kimberly (ladyrepublica) wrote in aw_info,


I was listening to a local talk radio on tuesday and they were discussing free-range farming. Apparently, it's not all it's cracked up to be. The "free-range" usually consists of a shed about the size of a football field with a mini "backyard" where the animals can go outside. But since the animals have the doors closed on their shed in the cold months (about 5 months), they are afraid to go outside. Also, since these animals do not have antibiotics in them, so potentially, one bacterial strain could wipe out the entire flock/herd.

However, they had hope. Apparently, there is a man who, for a small fee, will drive his small flock of chickens to your cattle farm and let his chickens basically eat grubs that live under cow pies and spread the cow pies with their feet, firtilizing the grass. I think this is a wonderful idea. What do you guys think?
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