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The Animal Welfare Community

The right to use animals, the responsibility to minimize suffering.

All About Animal Welfare
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I was looking for an animal welfare community, and couldn't find one that didn't mix up AW with AR or wasn't affiliated with one particular AW/rescue group. So I made a new one.

This is an Animal Welfare community, not an Animal Rights community. (If you don't know the difference, read this introductory post.)

As a general rule, this community is not categorically opposed to: research or testing on animals, eating animals, owning pets, wearing leather or fur, the use of animals in entertainment, hunting, breeding animals. The community is only against instances in which these activities happen in an inhumane way and/or with no regard to the suffering of the animals involved. Individual members of the community may be against all or any of these activities, but they should not expect other members to agree with their views and should respect those who don't. Debate is welcome, but keep it civil and respectful.

Appropriate topics for this community include:

  • Posts by rescue groups looking for volunteers or homes.
  • Animal welfare-related news or legislation
  • Questions about animal welfare issues
  • Ideas for living more humanely, such as cruelty-free meat and egg sources or information about companies that promote AW ideals
  • Book or magazine reviews on AW issues and topics
  • Commercial links are allowed if they are on-topic (t-shirts promoting neutering, for example)
  • Probably lots of other things!

Inappropriate topics for this community include:
  • Posting your own animal for sale/free - please find a rescue group to help you rehome your animal. Googling "*species/breed* rescue *yourstate*" will probably get you started.
  • Questions on pet care - a good place to ask these questions is spo_prevention.
  • Posts bashing vegans/vegetarians etc in general, or bashing meat eaters/breeders/hunters, etc in general. Many members of these groups are perfectly nice people who are very concerned about Animal Welfare issues and don't deserve to be attacked.
  • Posts that would be better off at stupidpetowners or veryantipeta or another, more specifically targeted community. These aren't strictly prohibited, but try not to fill us up with stories about your neighbor with an unspayed cat. In general, before you post (or cross-post here), ask yourself: If someone isn't already subscribed to *other community*, are they likely to care about this?
  • Flames. Come on, do you really need to be told this? Be polite and respectful, and complain to the mod if you think someone really needs to be shut up.
  • Posts promoting the use of violence (including property damage). If you don't know that hitting and breaking the other kids' toys are not valid ways of expressing an opinion, you need to go back to kindergarten.

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